Monday, February 3, 2014

Gilligan's 3 Hour Tour

to the doctor's office.  I've never had to wait so long before!  My appointment was at 10 am so I actually went to school for an hour and a half before going there.  Looking back, I should have slept in like Mr. Desperate.  But, I work 10 mins from the doctor and he is about 40, so it made no sense for him to go into work.  And yes, even though I'm still grouchy and he's still driving me nuts, he does still come to pretty much all of my appointments.  My teacher friends with kids are jealous.  But, they didn't also spend what seems like an eternity trying to get pregnant, so to us, every appointment is a big deal.

We got a 3D ultrasound, but it wasn't nearly as exciting as the one the perinatologist did.  Their pictures were clearer and their machines were able to do more (which is what I had been told prior to going).  And of course, baby was as stubborn as always and had her hands on her face the majority of the time.  And if they weren't on her face, she was pushing her face into my uterus which gave us some really clear, smushy face images.  On the plus side, Mr. Desperate really wanted to do this, not me, and Dr. Dad threw it in as a gift to us.  I'm pretty sure he also threw in the HSG this summer because when I went to pay the bill today, they said I didn't owe anything.  Not to self, find something to buy for Dr. Dad and Midwife Mom.  They have a plane so maybe some jet fuel will do the trick?!?!

Anyways, we then waited forever to see Dr. Dad and everything looks good.  He wasn't even concerned about my post Super Bowl blood sugar number this morning, but seemed equally as frustrated as I was about not being able to get the gestational diabetes kit in a timely manner from my insurance.  He measured my stomach (30 cm) which is right on track.  The internet says that starting at 20 weeks you take how many weeks you are and add and subtract 2 to find your appropriate range.  So for 30 weeks, I should measure anywhere from 28-32 cm.  Obviously, you don't ever want to bee too big, but with gestational diabetes being too big is a big concern.  So far, so good. 

I'm supposed to go back in two weeks, but scheduling wise its more like 2.5 weeks.  Then 2 weeks after that.  And that following week will be 36 weeks which is when they start doing the weekly internal exams to see if anything's happening.  All of a sudden it seems like this baby will be here around the corner--I guess we better start getting the room painted and rooms rearranged!  Most excitingly, this weekend we are attending a Baby 101 class.  One of my best friends had her baby this weekend and when we were visiting her at the hospital and I mentioned it she looked at me like I was crazy.  Luckily, her mom asked why I would need to go to that so I didn't just have to thrown Mr. Desperate under the bus.  He has never changed a diaper!  And I'm not sure he's ever dressed a kid and definitely not given a baby a bath.  Not that I'm Super Nanny or anything, but I have been babysitting since I was 12 when I would spend the night and help my cousins with their 6 month old so they could still have their regular Saturday morning routine.  He is great with kids, but this should be interesting!!

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