Friday, January 31, 2014

It's Been Easy Until....

I turned into the biggest grouch!  I noticed this week that my students (who are 5/6 years old and a pretty adorable and lovable bunch) are driving me crazy.  They weren't following directions, weren't cleaning up, and weren't being their usual selves.  And then it hit me.  Neither have I!!  Now to be fair, once I got pregnant, the past 30 weeks of my pregnancy have been pretty easy.  Minus the recent gestational diabetes hurdle that I'm going through.  At this point, I think I've gained 21 pounds, although I'm pretty sure that was after having lost 7/8 in the past 2 weeks.  So maybe it's the lack of carbs that are making me a raging bitch and not the pregnancy.  Either way, Mr. Desperate and I have been fighting like crazy and sometimes I feel like he's on a whole other planet. 

For example, his company is about to go through open enrollment and there is a new insurance option.  He tells me he wants to discuss it and come up with questions before he goes to the company meeting where they explain the policy.  I don't know about you, but how the hell am I supposed to discuss something when all we have is a generic definition of the type of plan that is being offered.  Then he tells me it is mandatory and there are no other options unless we do health care on our own.  Which I find odd since the letter from HR said it was one of several options.  Which makes me believe that there are other options than the one he wanted to discuss.  Obviously, the whole thing makes no sense to me.  Yet, every time I tried to ask a question he told me I was interrupting him.  Then he got frustrated that I had questions at all because it was "SO simple to understand".  (Well, if that's the case, then how about explaining it to me in a different way, or repeating yourself, so that I do understand.)  And all of my questions were centered around the end of this pregnancy and the health care for our baby.  Shouldn't he be concerned about these things?  Am I really as crazy as he made it seem like I was???  Uggghhhhh I'm frustrated all over again!  At least he hasn't brought it up today.

On another insurance front, my insurance takes a super long time (7-14 business days) to validate and process the gestational diabetes prescription.  Meaning the 10 test strips they gave me at my appointment last Friday are up.  And yes, you can count right.  10 days have not passed since last Friday, but I didn't exactly have the easiest time figuring out how to prick my finger and test my blood sugar.  The nurse was very quick to explain, and her English wasn't the greatest.  When reviewing what I should eat she told me to "take care of carrots" which I translated to mean "be careful of eating carrots".  Not a problem, I don't' really like carrots anyway.  So it's been a week of testing just my morning fasting glucose.  I'm supposed to test 4 times a day but can't do that until I get the extra test strips and needles in the mail.  Which could be during week 33 at this rate.  I'm a little concerned that I won't see the doctor again until week 35 and I do NOT want them telling me that the baby is too big or there's not enough fluid and I have to go on bed rest or have the baby ASAP.  I'm going Monday for a 3D ultrasound so I will voice my concerns then and see what he says.  So far I only had one day of testing where the number was above 90, and it was only 93.  I was still concerned but the next day it was back down to the 80s and the nurse I spoke with today didn't seem concerned.  Or maybe she just didn't understand what I was saying.  Uh oh...

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  1. Insurance is SO frustrating. I've worked in health clinics and pharmacies before, dealing with insurance companies, and I swear they make it as difficult as possible to understand ANYTHING. Good luck! I hope the GD stays under control :)